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shiropen2 台風の雲をリアルに再現、直感操作も KAUSTやGoogleなど「Stormscapes」開発 itmedia.co.jp/news/articles/… 浮力や温度分布、気圧を計算した多様な雲の物理シミュレーションを作成。巨大積乱雲やケルビン・ヘルムホルツ不安定性を伴った雲の動きを再現。ユーザが自在に雲を操る、実世界の空に合成も可能。 pic.twitter.com/0krLmJjUZ4

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livedoornews 【削除済み】ドコモとKDDI、解約ページに「noindex」タグ挿入

総務省は26日、NTTドコモとKDDIが解約ページのHTMLに「noindexタグ」を埋め込み、検索エンジンで検索した際に表示されないようにしていたと明かした。 pic.twitter.com/TQBhjFhGY6

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OOBE “280個日本圖標開放下載!為支援旅遊業而設計,相撲、歌舞伎、天婦羅、納豆等日本特色一舉收納 |ShoppingDesign” ( shoppingdesign.com.tw/post/view/6350 )

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jimmy_su 看到台派開始追打魏揚,看這點就知道他一定做對了什麼 👍

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itm_nlab Twitter、クリエイターに金銭を支援できる「SUPER FOLLOWS(スーパーフォロー)」発表 支援者向け特典機能も実装
nlab.itmedia.co.jp/nl/articles/21… @itm_nlabより

“自動ブロック”や”コミュニティ”など、さまざまな新機能が発表されました pic.twitter.com/GEryDiulk2

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記得你是何時加入 Twitter 的嗎?我記得! pic.twitter.com/7pfO6UmZ5m

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mainichijpnews 派遣社員への通勤手当不支給「不合理と言えず」 大阪地裁判決 mainichi.jp/20210225/k00/0…

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» GitHub - Canop/rhit: A nginx log explorer github.com/Canop/rhit // Rhit reads your files in their standard location(even gzipped), does some analysis and tells you about it in pretty tables in your console, storing and polluting nothing.

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» Domains documentation | Cloud cloud.google.com/domains/docs // Register and manage domains by using Cloud .

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» GitHub - rgab1508/PixelCraft: A Pixel Art Editor github.com/rgab1508/Pixel…

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» 86 Introduces Total Protection - Security Blog blog.mozilla.org/security/2021/… // Our new feature, Total Cookie Protection, works by maintaining a separate “cookie jar” for each website you visit.

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» GitHub - stypr/clubhouse-py: API written in . Standalone client included. For reference and education purposes only. github.com/stypr/clubhous…

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» Penpot - Design Freedom for Teams penpot.app // Penpot is the first design and platform meant for cross-domain teams.

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» GitHub - cockpit-project/cockpit: There’s code a goin’ on github.com/cockpit-projec… // Cockpit is an interactive server admin interface. It is easy to use and very lightweight. Cockpit interacts directly with the operating system from a real session in a browser.

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» GitHub - qeeqbox/social-analyzer: API, CLI & Web App for analyzing & finding a person’s profile across 350+ websites (Detections are updated regularly) github.com/qeeqbox/social…

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2021-02 適用於 x64 系統 Windows 10 Version 20H2 的累積更新 (KB4601382)

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irika05181222 パワパフ一年ズ 💣💣💣 pic.twitter.com/PcLndvBObD

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» Clubpad - Sounds for clubpad.co

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kaarmann @aydinhabibi @TransferWise @taavet We’re rolling out the debit cards in new countries as we go. Turkey is on the list, but please be patient.

Crypto less so - we’re not looking to add speculative investment features in the near future.

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nantoka_ausf_D だいぶ前にマクロスが京都御苑にぴったり収まると気付き

東京だとぴったりの敷地が無かったので天王洲アイルのとこに置く。 pic.twitter.com/GwXpKCmKfe

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atelierinmyhome 手塚治虫のころはこのイメージと考えるとものすごいイメージの変化。 twitter.com/goando/status/… pic.twitter.com/7FouiRHl3P

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rijingzhongwen 【日本的猫咪也有了整体式卫浴间】大和房屋工业在2月22日日本的”猫之日”推出了集猫咪用冲水马桶和洗澡台于一体的整体式卫浴间”Nekolet”。马桶带有传感器,猫咪离开后可自动冲洗。售价约合人民币2.23万元…cn.nikkei.com/product/43872-…upic.twitter.com/eaKODcgCLHgCLH

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