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» / JPL Eyes eyes.nasa.gov/apps/orrery/#/… // This simulated view of our solar system runs on real data.

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» Collab - make together, while we’re apart - NPE Blog npe.fb.com/2020/05/27/col… you can create your own arrangement by adding in your own recording or by swiping and discovering an arrangement to complete your composition. No musical experience is required.

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» unc0ver unc0ver.dev // Unc0ver works on all devices on iOS versions between 11.0 and 13.5.

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swissinfo_cn 瑞士最高法院已做出裁定,如果雇主要求员工在家办公,就需分担员工的房租,无论员工是否为在家办公多租了一间房间或更大的公寓。

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TVChosunNews 인천교통공사는 이른바 ‘지하철 쩍벌남’ 방지를 위해 전동차 바닥에 스티커를 부착하며 ‘바르게 타기 캠페인’을 추진하고 나섰다.

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» [情報] 海盜PSU總監反駁「海盜使用最便宜代工」 - 看板 PC_Shopping - 批踢踢實業坊 ptt.cc/bbs/PC_Shoppin… // 長城並不是「三流」。事實上,他們其實是Tier 1。他們所有的製造都是在內部完成的。而且他們是中國最大的 製造商。

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» 行政院核定繼續機動調降藥用酒精原料貨品關稅稅率為期3個月 web.customs.gov.tw/News_Content.a… // 目前日產能達2千萬片,口罩生產已在地化、國產化,產量足資供應國內需求,原行政院核定機動調降口罩關稅稅率期間屆滿(本年5月26日)不再繼續實施。

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JimmyLaiApple Taiwan President @iingwen: “We stand with HK people!” Great! Now it is time to take action not just rhetoric. Would you consider liberalizing your immigration law to allow to emigrate to Taiwan? pic.twitter.com/meKtosa4Mv

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CNET A Yahoo News and YouGov survey found that over 40% of Republicans believe Bill Gates will use COVID-19 vaccines to implant microchips cnet.co/2X0uQgV

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cheeselee Fedora + DDEv20 首轮 copr 构建完成,装上也基本可以使用,效果挺炫酷的👍 copr 地址: copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/cheesele… @felixonmars @FZUG pic.twitter.com/LxRNNCTFiA

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uniikuradonburi 色々試行錯誤した13年目のオイルジョッキがこちら
蓋が出来て周囲が汚れない、今の所の最適解 pic.twitter.com/v6YdSJeWFK

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woozister “BigHit側 pledis株式買収 最大株主の地位を確保”
Pledisは、BigHitの合流後も独立して運営される予定であり、事業拡張や海外市場進出において強力な競争力を確保するものとみられる。pledis所属アーティストは、BigHitの専門的かつ細分化された事業法人及び支援組織の体系的な支援を受けることになる pic.twitter.com/yRXlsvzYUI

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macyacyarin この度、私は新しい事務所
youtu.be/GrX5g6bBXqc pic.twitter.com/1Q2AYYrg8o

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NotionStatus Notion is blocked by a firewall in China. We are monitoring the situation and will continue to post updates.

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» 晚間九點,更加愚蠢的事情發生了。 m.facebook.com/1366017563/pos…

» 交通部臺灣鐵路管理局 - 有關今(23)日「坐爆台鐵大廳」活動,臺鐵局回應 railway.gov.tw/tra-tip-web/ti…

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danvet how to become kernel maintainer:

1. go to syzkaller.appspot.com/upstream
2. look for issues around fbcon, fbdev or in the vt subsystem
3. repro them (some have reproducers, and they run on VMs) and fix them
4. congrats, your now the maintainer for this mess!

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» Welcoming Automattic to ! | Matrix.org matrix.org/blog/2020/05/2… // Automattic, the creators of .com, are jumping head first into the Matrix ecosystem with a strategic investment of almost $5M into New Vector..

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eveeen1989 我家这破小区那么硬核的吗…… pic.twitter.com/0B7kepm1I1

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» Introducing Shops: Helping Small Businesses Sell Online - About Facebook about.fb.com/news/2020/05/i… // We’re starting to roll out Facebook Shops today, and it will be more widely available in the coming months.

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渋谷區居民可透過 申請住民票影本等證明文件….

» LINE(ライン) | 渋谷区公式サイト city.shibuya.tokyo.jp/kusei/koho/lin…

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» 神戸のパンダ 中国への返還決まる - 産経ニュース sankei.com/west/news/2005… // 市は、タンタンの契約延長を前提に新たな雄の貸与を要望していたが、中国側から今年3月、高齢のタンタンについては医療環境が充実した中国で飼育したいとの回答があったという。

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TheLancet Statement from The Lancet in response to President Donald Trump’s May 18 letter to Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization pic.twitter.com/JX8orfpMPB

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MicrosoftEdge Microsoft Edge and Pinterest are excited to announce a collaboration, bringing new features to Collections. Be productive, stay inspired, and save time. Learn more here: msft.it/6012TiJT2 pic.twitter.com/aTbqdwyJEH

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» 南海 - Google 我的地圖 google.com/maps/d/viewer?…

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